Friday, June 28, 2013

"Fiji...where happiness finds you"

Bula, it's been busy in Fiji, so we thought we'd share the news!
Fiji Airways
On 27 June 2013, Air Pacific returned to its original 1958 name of Fiji Airways. The switch-over marks an important milestone in the airline’s turnaround. The new A330 aircraft feature state of the art facilities and exciting changes to the customer experience; a fresh new look and one that our Bite-Back at Cancer raffle winners 2012 will soon experience for themselves!
“Congratulations Air Pacific, we are all excited to see the brand new A330 and the increased frequency by the end of the year.” Jane West, Tourism Fiji
Bula Bula Quo
In other news, the veteran rock band Status Quo made an action music film in Fiji last year. The film premieres in Leicester Square on Monday 1st July and will go nationwide to the 161 cinemas by 5th July. The film is not a serious piece of acting, it’s light hearted and humorous, but is accompanied by 9 new tracks written in Fiji by Status Quo. The lead track “Bula Bula Quo” is currently in the album charts. The film is called “Bula Quo”.

The cinematography in Fiji is fantastic! The director is Stuart St. Paul, who has worked on a few James Bond movies. If you are interested in Fiji, you will love it!

Tourism Fiji
Want to learn more about Fiji? In line with the new branding “Fiji…where happiness finds you”. Tourism Fiji  have recently launched their new look website. Find out more.

Dive Worldwide
We have been arranging tailor-made holidays to Fiji for a long time now. It’s one of our favourite destinations and there’s plenty to see, especially underwater. Known for its soft corals, mantas, sharks and topside adventure you can combine resorts on different islands as well as spending time on a liveaboard. We feature plenty of suggested itineraries, but remember, it’s your holiday and we’re here to help create your adventure.

Contact the Dive Worldwide Dream Team
Email or call 0845 130 6980 to discuss your options.

Check back later in the year to see our our competition winners enjoyed their diving adventure!



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