Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Teresa at the Thailand Academy

Most of us would really enjoy a week in Thailand; with its idyllic beaches, warm weather, friendly locals, world-class dive sites and sumptuous cuisine. Teresa is currently enjoying all of this as part of the Thailand Academy, but it’s a trip with something a little different…and she’s having a lot of fun and discovering much more about the destination, so let’s start by sharing a little with you.

A traditional long tail boat ride gets you to a lot of places, this time it’s Koh Klang in southern Thailand. "Koh Klang is a village located by the Krabi River and Andaman Sea, covered by a vast mangrove forest of tens of thousands acres. On the island is the habitat of a peace-loving Muslim community who lives amidst this prosperous city and still live like they did in the past. The main profession of the people on the island is fishing, but now they have started tourism as their additional job."
 The week of activities includes:
  • Meeting and learning about their local fishing methods; shallow water coastal nets and finding shellfish on the beach the traditional way.
  • Experience the process of Sungyod rice production, a type of rice that is only harvested in two places in Thailand, the other being Pattalung. The farmers practise and actively campaign for organic agricultural methods.
  • The traditional symbol of Krabi is the small Hua Tong boat. Participants will learn how to make models of these, a tricky skill.
  • Learn about and create batik in the textiles group; very popular!
  • Kayaking in the mangrove forest in Krabi, visiting  Khao Kanab Nam and searching for wildlife.
  • A trip to the award winning Waree Raksa Amazing Day Spa. A must after a busy week.
  • Sightseeing at Hong Island where white sandy beaches and crystal clear water awaits – a top secret beach destination.
  • Discovering caves and island hopping to Chicken Island – all part of the adventure!

We look forward to hearing all about it in the office!
In the meantime, Teresa's adventures are on Facebook.

For holiday ideas and information on travelling to Thailand, speak to a member of our Dream Team. All have been to Thailand and some have even worked there!
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