Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SAVE 13% on our Favourite Five - OFFER EXTENDED!

2013 has been keeping us busy so far, especially with the generous offer of saving 13% on some of our favourite destinations.

It continues to be lucky for some and this includes you.
We've extended our offer to include all bookings made until 13 Feb 2013!

What makes a 'favourite 5' destination?
Not only are they popular with our regular travellers, our dive team enjoy sending people to the destinations and have one or two on their bucket list! We've kept it brief and outlined a few reasons below for you.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for the UK diver at the moment. The vast archipelago sits at the heart of the Coral Triangle, where the biodiversity of marine life is second to none.

There's something for everyone here and if you're into underwater photography, it will be hard to choose your subject; there are so many! The destination offers everything from muck-diving to whale shark encounters, resorts and liveaboards, culture and wildlife. A tropical paradise.

Our Autumn newsletter features a handy map covering the best dive spots.

So close, yet so far away...from everyday life! Oman is easily accessible from the UK and offers three distinct regions to dive in. Ranging from the fjords of the Musandam in the north to the unexplored Hallaniyat Islands in the south.

A recent visit (trip report to follow) to Salalah and Muscat was enjoyed by Sarah who spent a week on the Saman Explorer. The fish life is prolific and there's always a chance to see manta rays, dolphins and whales. Another highlight? The City of Winchester wreck!

Muscat is a great base for those looking to do some diving and other land-based adventure by heading into the desert. Dive sites here include Bandar Khayran and the Munnasir wreck as well as the Daymaniyat Islands. Turtles are very popular in this area.

Looking for some fun and affordable winter sun?

A destination where you're almost guaranteed whale sharks, manta rays or even both! We offer a range of liveaboards who all venture out to the atolls where they know the diving experience will be one to remember! The latest craze is to head further south, in search of sharks, but these trips are seasonal.

If you're looking for a resort, we feature plenty of favourites where diving is the priority. However, it's great in most places, so if you're after a particular island or resort, just let us know. We have access to them all (almost!).

A year round destination and a place to sit back and relax!

Galapagos Islands
Really, do we have to explain this one?! On most people's bucket list, don't miss the chance to save some money here! We feature a number of liveaboards who all offer slightly different itineraries (all include Wolf and Darwin). We can arrange some land based activities before/after in the Galapagos or over in Ecuador, no problem. Maybe all you need to know is that whale shark season is Jun-Nov and manta ray season is Dec-May when the water is a little warmer. You'll see sharks all year round.

SAVE 13% - you'd be silly to miss this rare opportunity!

An island built for divers! This tiny Caribbean island has little rainfall, over 80 dive sites and drive-thru tank filling stations. Dive whenever you like! Take your friends and family, there's plenty of snorkelling, you can windsurf, kayak, wake board, go moutain biking and that is just a little of what you can do here.

Shore diving at its best. Suitable for learners, photographers and technical divers.

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