Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Micronesia and Palau

What a fantastic honeymoon!

We just wanted to say a very very big thank you for organising our honeymoon to Micronesia and Palau. It all worked out like a well oiled machine and it was great to feel confident that someone would be there to sort us out at every stage of our journey, thanks to you. You obviously thought about putting the destinations into the best order and it was the perfect sequence to go to Chuuk (Truk Lagoon) first, followed by Yap and finally Palau. A perfect tailor-made trip!

The wreck diving broke us in quite gently as my fiancee wasn't that experienced a diver and needed some 'easy' dives until he felt 100% confident again, not having dived for two years. There were so many options in Chuuk it was just right. Also the resort was just beautiful and we spent a couple of days just chilling out under the palm trees.

Yap was again a beautiful resort, the hotel was just great and we had a fantastic time diving with the giant manta rays at the feeding station and the sharks at dive sites like vertigo! Everyone at the resorts were just as helpful and friendly as they could have been and the level of sevice was extremely high, which made our honeymoon just the best it could have been.

Palau was just the icing on the cake, we loved it and it cemented our determination to go diving in Papua New Guinea in the next couple of years and not be put off by the horribly long long haul flights.

We loved jellyfish lake and again the diving was just incredible, the coral was beautiful and the fish were just unbelievable. One day we dived with SEVEN giant manta rays all just playing in the sea over our heads. I honestly don't think you could have done anything to make our honeymoon more perfect Charlie and we're both extremely grateful for everything you did, you were well well worth every penny!!!!

The only down sides were the food in Chuuk, which was pretty rubbish but as it's all imported, there was very little anyone could do about it. The endless taxes in Palau seemed to go up on a daily basis; we were expecting to get charged for having two legs by the time we left! Again nothing could be done about that and it didn't detract from our enjoyment in any way.

So, a final thanks, keep sending us your newsletter for more inspiration and holiday advice. We'll definitely be in touch when we next want a diving holiday arranging, you're a star!
Val F, Dec '12

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