Friday, February 15, 2013

Galapagos - New Itineraries in 2013

New in 2013, the Galapagos liveaboard permits have been improved to offer you more dive time and explore the islands during your liveaboard trips. Of course, it's still possible to extend your stay to discover the islands or head to mainland Ecuador where there's plenty to discover!

Aggressor Fleet
Starting February 2013, the new itinerary includes Wolf and Darwin, Baltra, Punta Carrion, Bartolome, Cabo Marshall, Cousins Rocks and a brand new addition, Cabo Douglas where guests will have the opportunity to interact with marine iguanas as they feed in the water.

Up to 4 dives per day are available including Wolf and Darwin. Land hikes are part of the trip on Bartolome and Santa Cruz Highlands and night dives will be offered.

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Humboldt Explorer
More of Wolf and Darwin. Up to 4 dives are now offered at these famous dive sites. It's here that the dives can be more challenging but definitely more rewarding! 

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Galapagos Sky
New in 2013: Isla Pinzon has been described as providing opportunities for encounters with a variety of species of sharks, sea lions, mantas, eagle rays, and moray eels. Many Species of fish and tropicals including yellow tailed surgeonfish, king angelfish, moorish idols, steel pompanos, snappers, grunts, creole fish, and barracuda.

This dive is then followed by a transit to Puerto Ayora and then a land visit to the Highlands of Santa Cruz to see the Galapagos tortoises in their natural environment.

When should I go?
Trips run throughout the year and marine life is prolific, especially if you want to encounter schools of hammerhead sharks, playful sea lions and plenty of other species. The top diving sites are at Wolf and Darwin. What most people like to know is, what is where and when, which is outlined below.

Dec-May: warmer water - manta rays
Jun-Nov: cooler water - whale sharks

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