Friday, February 8, 2013

FIN - Help end the HORROR

Set to a haunting soundtrack, the 45 second black and white commercial, developed by the London advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, has been created to lift the lid on the cruel and barbaric practice that contributes to the death of more than 36 million sharks every year.
Deemed ‘too graphic’ for television the film has been given an 18-certificate cinema rating. Taken from Bite-Back's website, we'd like to share it with you.

The boom in demand for shark fin soup is blamed for the rapid rise in the numbers of sharks being hunted. Once the reserve of Chinese Emperors, shark fin soup is now consumed around the world.

With a market value of around £200 per kilo, shark fins have become one of the most lucrative seafood items in the world. As a result, unscrupulous fishermen are motivated to systematically slice fins off living sharks before dumping carcasses overboard. Unable to swim, the sharks endure a slow death on the sea floor.The bodies, worth less at market than fins, are discarded because they can contaminate other catches and take up valuable space in the hold.

Already Bite-Back knows of 80 restaurants in the UK currently selling shark fin soup. It is now calling on the British public to help report every restaurants profiting from this horrific practice, so the charity can encourage them to stop.

It is estimated that 90% of the world’s big sharks have been wiped out in the past 60 years and that 20 species of sharks could become extinct by 2017. The relentless removal of an apex predator from the ocean has been described as and elaborate and giant game of Jenga. According to the charity, if enough sharks are removed the whole marine food web could collapse.
So far the campaigning group has succeeded in halting the sale of shark fin soup in more than 20 UK restaurants including the country’s only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan.

Help Bite-Back: not only with donations to raise vital funds, but we encourage you to share this video (also on YouTube), raise awareness and help ban shark fin soup from the UK's restaurants.

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