Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snippet: Deep Trouble - A book to take on your next diving holiday?

We are excited to recommend a new book by previous Dive Worldwide client Sue Rawle. It comes with great reviews from Dive Magazine, SAA, DDRC and is available to buy now from the Troubador Online book store.

"A wreck dive near Plymouth results in a death. It’s a tragic accident. Or is it? When you’re under 30 metres of water, you need to trust your buddy. Your life might depend on it. But what if your buddy is an irascible drinker or a manipulative philanderer? Was the fatality due to diver recklessness or was it intended to be the ‘perfect murder’?

The Forest Divers club is awash with undercurrents of mistrust as each club member falls under suspicion and the new trainee soon finds himself out of his depth."

Sue's website will be coming soon, but in the meantime you can also email her for further details: suerawle@yahoo.co.uk

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