Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Client Testimonial: Penny B in Cuba

We are just back from our Cuban holiday, and thought you would appreciate some feedback. Firstly, I should say that we had a fabulous holiday, and the local agents were a good team to be with – very helpful and responsive (to a few minor glitches!) with a good standard of guides. However, they were surprised by the amount of baggage divers carry, and we had to keep reminding them of the size of vehicle required to cope with dive bags! Overall everything was well organised and the guides were very thorough and informative.

Our favourite diving was in Maria La Gorda which is a fantastic peninsula set in a beautiful nature reserve. The whole resort is geared for diving. The reef they dive on is one of the most pristine, intact reefs we have ever dived in the world – the corals and sponges are amazing, and the drop offs, tunnels and caves are spectacular. If the locals are to be believed, the reef goes from 10 metres to approx 2,000m deep – it does look impressive. The dive operation is very professional. If you would like some photos, we will be happy to supply some. We did lose a day of diving due to high winds, but it gave us a chance to explore a bit more around the area on foot. We also did a night dive which was fantastic. The accommodation has been improved on, and we stayed in a lovely wooden cabin surrounded by woodland and exotic wildlife.

Away from the diving, the Hotel Florida in Havana was excellent and very well placed in the old part of the city. It is a lovely old building with lots of character.

La Moka in the Vinales region, is a lovely biosphere communal village, in a spectacular setting in the hills. The hotel sits above the community, with a large tree running through its’ centre, and you can sit in your bath looking over the hills. Stunning!

Overall we had a great time, and like the majority of people we met, fell a bit in love with the country – it is definitely a place we would go back to!

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