Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Client Testimonial: Philippines - Mr Baker

"Sangat Island Reserve - we did indeed have an excellent time. The Reserve itself is exceptional - benefitting from a truly outstanding location, it is eco-friendly, provides excellent food, very helpful and friendly staff, and is the nearest and by far the most convenient resort in terms of diving the wrecks of Coron Bay, something not really emphasised in your catalogue (that you might consider revising). A troup of large monkeys visit most mornings which is a bonus if you have a camera handy. Surprisingly (to us) most visitors are probably either French or German speaking with a smattering of Scandinavian countries represented. I really could not fault the reserve in any way, although it would not suit those seeking pure luxury.

From a diving point of view - the wrecks are very impressive despite having being salvaged many years ago, and provided you are a competent diver the dive centre offers guided deep penetrations of the wrecks, or allows you the freedom to plan and execute your own external dives of the wrecks. Alternatively they cater for the less experienced appropriately with shallower reef and smaller wreck dives. The viz is not good however, and there are strong currents, whilst these do not present major problems, it does make a 40m penetration dive (to the kitchens would you believe!) on the Irako Maru far more daunting than a similar 50+m dive on the San Francisco Maru in Chuuk. I would say the diving we did was challenging and very enjoyable as a result, but not suited to pure holiday divers or those lacking reasonable experience of similar conditions."

Mr Baker, February 2009

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