Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Staff Reports: Katrina - Andaman Islands - May 2008

I was invited onto the brand new sailing vessel, the S/Y Siren to visit the remote Andaman Islands. Lying between India and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal, these mysterious islands are little visited and even less often dived. Although closer to Thailand that India, we flew via Chennai and boarded the boat in the islands capital, Port Blair.

The Siren has extremely comfortable, en-suite cabins - all enjoying individually controlled air-conditioning and offering a computer and flat screen, so the laptop can be left at home! Once on board we set up our kit just once - thereafter it stayed in situ for the whole trip, with free nitrox for those who were qualified to use it. All diving was from ribs and, with dive sites no more than 10 minutes ride, four dives a day, with sensible surface intervals, were easily managed...

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