Monday, April 14, 2008

Oman Feature - March/April 2008 edition of Scottish Diver Magazine

HEADING OFF to warmer waters has become an October event over recent years and several trips to the Red Sea have proved to be very successful with good diving but increasingly crowded dive sites. This year I decided to look for some less travelled destinations and see if I could get somewhere a bit different.

There were lots of ideas thrown around but I ended up going for the Musandam Peninsula of Oman. Why, I do not really know, I knew it would be warm but beyond that very little. I hadn't read much about diving in Oman and knew virtually nothing about Musandam itself.

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Client Testimonials: Mozambique - April 2008

The whole Scuba Addicts team were outstanding. Every day they went the extra mile to ensure that we had the best trip. The local knowledge was first rate. Definitely the best dive operator I have dived with in 14 years!
Mr R. Gibbs

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Client Testimonials: Roatan - April 2008

We spent a week staying and diving at Anthony's Key Resort. Diving was straight forward and would suit new as well as old divers. It was very different to the other parts of the Caribbean we had dived before, with a greater variety of soft corals, lots of crevices, canyons and swim throughs, two good purpose sunk big wrecks and great viz. We finally got to see seahorses in the wild and diving for 45 minutes with 3 dolphins from the Research Institute in open water was something special. A really well run and organised resort and dive operation, with local guides, comfortable accommodation, and everything, including the diving was included in the price. A really relaxing week of diving, chilling out in a very hassle free resort.

We then had the added bonus of spending 3 days exploring Honduras with a personal guide and driver. It meant that we really thought we had seen some of the country, both mountain forests, lakes and ancient ruins, but also got a good impression of what life was like for Hondurans. Everything, including the stop over in Miami, was very smoothly organised by Dive Worldwide. Just one thing to consider; postcards take 6 to 8 weeks to get from Honduras to the UK!
Mr Hill (Cambridge)

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