Friday, December 14, 2007

Client Testimonials: Micronesia - December 2007

'I had an absolutely amazing time - the diving in Palau was absolutely out of this world (masses of sharks, loads of reef fish and the most amazing vis!), Rose Garden Cottage was lovely and the staff couldn't have been more helpful and Neco Marine were probably one of the best dive operators I have ever come across. Similarly I loved Yap - I loved the "intimacy" of such a small island - the dive operator was brilliant, I basically had them to myself for most of the time I was there and they took me to some fantastic sites - I even managed to get some amazing pictures of Mandarin Fish! O'Keefe's was stunning as a place to stay - I really couldn't have asked for more, so all in all it was fantastic! You should definitely go to Micronesia although I am slightly worried that I will be disappointed with everywhere else in the future! Should also mention the Mantas in! Thank you so much for all your hardwork planning and organising it for me.'
Helen Salvini (Manchester)

Click here for Diving Holiday at O'Keefe's, Yap, Micronesia

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