Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Staff Report: Diving in Papua New Guinea by Katrina Dixon

With too much going on before our trip we had little time to do much research into exactly what Papua New Guinea had too offer. What we did know was that there was rumoured to be some spectacular diving. We love the liveaboard option and we had a number to choose from in Papua New Guinea. We settled on the Star Dancer that leaves from the Walindi Plantation Resort, near Rabaul on the island of New Britain.

The flights to Papua New Guinea from UK are not daily, so we arrived early and had the opportunity to stay in and dive from Walindi Resort before boarding our liveaboard. The diving from Walindi takes place in Kimbe Bay. This large bay had a large number of dive sites of differing topologies, from sea mounts to shallow reefs. The inhabitants ranged from pygmy seahorses to orcas, and nothing was more than about an hours boat ride away. It was the variety of marine life that made the diving so good. There were excellent corals, lots of fish life and even a plane wreck. The resort is very attractive and well thought out, and also has fabulous chocolate ice-cream!

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