Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Client Testimonials: Saba, Caribbean - November 2007

Juliana's in Saba is a lovely hotel and we were lucky enough to be upgraded us to a self catering cottage in the heart of the village whilst still being able to have breakfast at the hotel each morning. The staff are lovely, good hosts and very friendly.

The diving was superb. We had booked ten dives but we ended up doing fifteen. The reefs are unspoiled and we saw lots of marine life - much too much to list here - with a good mix of both the large stuff (sharks, rays, turtles etc) and small stuff (seahorses, angle fish etc). Good corals and fantastic sponges. All of the dive sites have their own charm and none of them are far from the shore, certainly not more than 15 minutes in the boat. Sea Saba are very good and the boat that we used was well equipped. They really look after you and their dive guides are excellent - very knowledgeable about the local reefs and very watchful of the group when underwater etc. The shop staff provide lots of nice little extra touches such as offering to book taxis and restaurants if you need them to. There was no hard sell like you get in some places and everything is very relaxed whilst being controlled.

The hiking trails are well marked but quite tough. We did a couple of the trails and walked everywhere. Just walking around the island is fantastic exercise as it is all uphill - great coming back down though. If we decide to go back I would like to climb to the top of Mount Scenery. If you like hiking and walking, this is a must go destination.

S Hill (West Sussex)

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