Friday, September 14, 2007

Staff Report: Juliet Dives in Tobago

Arriving in Tobago 5 years after my first visit to the island, I was pleasantly surprised by how little had changed. Tobago still had the rustic charm I remembered. Trinidad & Tobago form the southern most islands of the lesser Antilles chain in the Eastern Caribbean and are geologically an extension of the South American continent. Lying just 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago are less commercial compared with many other Caribbean Islands. Tobago really is one of the last of the "unspoilt Caribbean" This strip of elongated land, approximately 25 miles by 8 miles, is blessed with natural beauty: palm-lined beaches, lush rain forests and pristine coral reefs. The south coast is washed by the Atlantic and is lined with vibrant fishing villages while the north coast provides Tobago with some of its finest beaches. And for the nature lover, the eastern landscape of the interior rises steeply into tall peaks, providing shelter for one of the oldest protected rainforest reserves in the western hemisphere.

Click here for Juliet's full report: Diving in Tobago

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