Sunday, January 7, 2007

Staff Reports: Simon - Fantastic Freebees in Fiji

When the boss asked if I had been to Fiji, I was half expecting to be asked to talk to a customer about it - not offered a fabulous familiarisation trip to Fiji's Northern Islands.

As the only European delegate on the trip, I took the opportunity to relax on the Heathrow - Los Angeles leg; before meeting and greeting the rest of the group, all fourteen of them. Word of warning, when asking directions from Terminal 2 to Terminal B, I duly followed instructions to catch a bus - waiting twenty minutes for a bus to take me on a two minute journey! Our overnight, Air Pacific, flight got us into Fiji nice and early and we were able to use a dayroom at the Courtyard Marriott Resort, to shower and have breakfast, before our transfer to Wananavu Resort...

Click here for the full report: Diving in Fiji

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